Friday, February 10, 2017

Favorite Series

Being a sixteen year old that lives just outside of town, I do not always have the opportunity to spend time with friends. Instead, I watch a lot of television. I have a very large collection of movies and shows, and I have many of the streaming apps available. I would have to say that Breaking Bad is one of my favorite television shows because it is very realistic and interesting. The situation in which the main character Walter White finds himself in is very tough, and it is interesting how much he changes as a character throughout the show.

I also enjoy comedy television shows such as Wilfred, South Park, and Rick and Morty. Wilfred is a particularly odd show about a man who overdoses on an anti-depressant, and is able to talk to his neighbor's dog as if it were a person. The main character often finds himself in sticky situations that Wilfred the dog gets him into. In every episode, Wilfred teaches the main character an important life lesson, and usually helps him with a difficult task. 

South Park is a cartoon television show that consists of satire, focusing on current events in America such as our recent presidential election. The show focuses on the main characters of four little boys who are constantly doing hilarious, odd things such as being visited by aliens or creating their own multi-million dollar professional sport. This show is funny to me because it makes fun of celebrities, as well as odd new trends in America.

Rick and Morty is a cartoon television show that features the main characters - you guessed it- Rick and Morty. Rick is a genius scientist that travels to other dimensions and does crazy experiments to further his scientific knowledge. Morty is Rick's grandson, who isn't very bright; Morty goes with Rick on adventures and keeps Rick entertained while he conducts his scientific research. The show is odd, absurd, and downright interesting to watch because it is so creative. 

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