Thursday, October 20, 2016

Favorite Music

Music is a very big part of my everyday life. I love to listen to countless different genres of music, and discovering new songs/genres is very exciting to me. The reason I like music so much is because of the always-adapting techniques used to create and spread new content. The numerous new music-based websites allow fresh, interesting ideas and musical samples to become known! The techniques used in musical tracks usually have an emotional impact that allows messages to be sent, even without purposely sending them. I personally like rap music, rock, funk, country, future funk, and smooth jazz. An interesting sub-genre that I enjoy is derived from the electronic genre, it is called vaporwave. Rap and vaporwave are my two favorite genres. My favorite rapper is Kendrick Lamar, he creatively challenges modern ideas of music and is an incredible lyricist. I will leave a vaporwave song for you to listen to, enjoy.

VAPORWAVE ========>



  1. Hey Hunter! How are you? I like rap music too but I don't really listen to the others kind of music that you like. Hahaha so we don't have the same taste of music! Emm I don't like the vaporwave song too it's so awkward as a song. See you!

  2. Oh and I forgot to ask you something! Do you listen to any french music?

    1. Hey Houda, I do not listen to french music, however I would like to give it a try. Would you be kind enough as to send me a song to listen to? Who is your favorite rapper? Recently, I started listening to an artist who has become very popular here in America; her name is Lorde. She is from New Zealand, and is under the pop genre. I'm sorry you don't enjoy vaporwave; I do because it uses many sounds from my childhood (Video game sounds, console startups, and cartoon sounds). There is a fair amount of nostalgia in the music, which is probably why I enjoy it.