Monday, September 19, 2016

My Culture

I am very proud of many aspects of my culture. I feel that being an American means I am at the center of boundless entertainment. The thing about American culture is, it's a bunch of other cultures all bundled and overlapping into one. In my opinion, our entertainment options are all inspired by other cultures, especially movies. Even the music I listen to is evidently inspired by works from Japan, Great Britain, and many other places. Our food comes from all over the place as well. Heck, I can go into restaurants near me that serve burgers and Chinese food in the same place! Our culture is interesting for sure, I am proud of how diverse it truly is. There really is a place for everyone to find something they enjoy in America.

One thing I would change about my culture is the lack of compassion we share toward one another. I feel as if in our culture, it isn't common to be friendly to anyone. Most of the people I am near never let their guard down, they don't trust each other like I have seen in other cultures. Another characteristic that I see in my culture a lot is entitlement. Most feel that certain things should be theirs simply because they are American. I don't agree with this, and it bothers me tremendously. I believe we should really work hard to get the things we want, that used to be the American dream.

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  1. Hello Hunter! Nice to know you, I'm really interested by your culture. I do have the same opinion that America is an really enjoying place like her fast-food, and movies,... But, I disagree with you that it isn't common to be friendly to anyone because I have a lot of friends out there and they seems so nice to me.